Here’s How You Can Make the Life of Bitcoin Scammers Difficult

Do you want to make the lives of Bitcoin scammers difficult? You know how they are always looking for unique ways to scam people and take their money. Even if you haven’t been scammed before, you can’t make the claim that you will never be scammed in the future. The way they approach different people is quite clever, and even the most vigilant internet users can sometimes fall into their traps.

If you don’t become their victim, you are making their lives difficult. It is simple logic; they hate the people that don’t fall into the traps that they have created after years of thinking. So, here is how you can make their lives difficult.

Keep a List of Bitcoin Scammers

The more you know about them, the less they will target you. They know an informed internet user is not their target. Yes, they might try to pull you into their shenanigans, but spending several hours or days on you is not worthwhile for them. They want easy targets so they have to spend less time to get a lot of money. With a Bitcoin scammer list, you can make sure that you know about all the ongoing scams on the market that loot the people in the name of Bitcoin trading. That’s not it! They combine the power of the word “Bitcoin” with other power words, such a millionaire, lifestyle, success, etc. to lure you into their traps.

There is no reason for you to do any mental gymnastics with the idea of signing up or not signing up with them when you have a list of the scammers with you. You can just look at the list, and scratch it off from your list of potential brokers that you might sign up with.

Ask a Lot of Questions

The more you know the better, and there is no better way to know more than to ask questions. When you ask questions from crypto broker scams, they get the sense that you are not falling for their witty moves. At the same time, the more you ask them questions, the more you know about them. Within the answers they give you about themselves, you will easily figure out if they are telling you the truth or just beating about the bush. Ask them how long they have been in business for. Ask them how many customers they have, what their Google ratings are, and whether they are regulated or not.

These are some really painful questions for someone who is there only to defraud you and take your money. When you ask about registration and licensing for their services, they should instantly provide you with those details. Anything other than those details e.g. the license number, should be a clear sign that they are not legitimate. Usually, the newer they are in the industry, the more chances there are of them being a scam.

Check out Regulation Websites

Do you know there are many regulatory authorities in the world that have the sole purpose of keeping an eye on online financial services? Almost every country has their own regulatory authority that protects the interests of traders like you. Their websites frequently post news about new scammers and what’s being done about them. Check out these websites as regularly as possible. In fact, before you start researching the best crypto trading platforms, you should look at a few of these websites as a part of your routine to make sure you can instantly rule out the companies that the regulatory authorities have labeled as scams.

Final Thoughts

The actions you have to take to make sure you are elusive to online Bitcoin scammers might sound difficult at first. However, you can be sure that they will become your second nature after a few days of repetition. After that, you will not fall for any scams, or at least won’t fall easily for these scams. In the end, you are encouraged to go ahead, use your knowledge, and the power of your decision to start trading crypto.

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