Developing a Signature Style With Customized Rings For Men

Developing a signature style is much like becoming a specialist in your field. It is not something that happens overnight, but rather requires a lot of trial and error.

Begin by browsing image-based social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspiration. Using keywords or adjectives, try to find fashion looks that you feel best describe your fashion ethos.


Jewelry has always been a symbol of personal style and sentiment. Personalized pieces take this idea to a whole new level, allowing you to tell a story or carry a meaningful message with you wherever you go. Whether you want to show off your initials, honor a family member or friend, or share an inspirational quote that has special meaning for you, The10 Jewelry offers a wide selection of engraved men’s rings to choose from.

Engravable men’s rings are a great way to make a statement and showcase your unique style. Choose a ring with a brushed or hammered finish to create a rugged, yet refined look, or opt for a sleek black finish for a more modern feel. You can also find rings with a textured pattern that adds another layer of interest to the piece.

If you are looking for a classic, sophisticated style, consider selecting a ring made from gold or silver. These materials are long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean. You can find a wide variety of styles, including wedding bands and signet rings, made from these materials. If you are shopping for a gift, you can also select a men’s ring with a birthstone to celebrate the birthday of a loved one. Personalized rings make thoughtful gifts for any occasion, and they can be a great reminder of the importance of the person you are celebrating.


Many men were traditionally hesitant to wear jewelry but today, more and more are comfortable with the idea of wearing different types of rings. This includes more than just wedding bands but also fashion rings and ring sets that can add a unique touch to any outfit.

When it comes to material, there are a lot of options available for making custom rings for men. Metals like gold, silver, and platinum offer a high-end look but also provide durability and strength for active men. Alternative metals can be made from tungsten carbide, titanium, or other alloys and can be polished to a glossy or matte finish. Wood is another popular option for men’s rings and can be sourced from hardwoods or even reclaimed railway sleepers.

Gemstones are another popular choice for ring materials and come in a wide range of colors to complement any wardrobe. For a rustic style, try a piece that features a natural semi-precious stone inlay such as lapis or malachite. Alternatively, you can choose to use a meteorite stone with heavenly origins that can stand up to everyday wear.

Some men prefer a more interactive ring that they can fidget with to relieve stress or focus. These rings often feature a texture that’s instantly satisfying to the touch. A knurled thumbscrew texture is a great example of a haptic signal to the wearer that the ring is meant to be turned.


Engravings on jewelry are a beautiful way to add a personal touch. It’s not only a reminder of who you are or what is important to you, but it also gives the piece soul and ties it to you in a literal and figurative sense. Whether you’re giving a piece of jewelry as an anniversary gift or as a birthday present, having it engraved will make it extra special.

One of the most popular pieces of jewelry to be engraved is a wedding band. It’s not uncommon for both the bride and groom to get their rings engraved (either by hand or machine) with a message from one another that they want to keep close to them. This is often followed by the date of the wedding or an important milestone like a birth or graduation.

Other pieces of jewelry that can be engraved include signet rings, birthstone rings, and Celtic & Claddagh rings. For a more modern and sophisticated look, try a ring featuring an ornate monogram or a symphony of colors in a multi-color gemstone set. Engravings can be done in a number of ways including laser, mechanical rotary, and hand engraving. Each method comes with a different price and results in a slightly different outcome. Shop the selection of men’s engraved rings available online and at our store locations.


A custom-engraved ring is a thoughtful gift for a man that shows you put thought into your purchase. It’s also a great way to express your personal style and tell a story without words. Whether you’re looking for a piece that celebrates a milestone like an anniversary or birthday or something that simply reflects his unique personality, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

From a bold nameplate ring to a Celtic-knot inspired band, the options are limitless. Some rings even come in an array of different metals and gemstones for a truly one-of-a-kind option. For those who want a more subtle approach, try an elegant signet ring. The intricate details of this style create a refined look that will stand out against other jewelry pieces.

While engraved jewelry has long been associated with high-end jewelry brands, such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, the process of creating a piece has become more accessible with technological advancements in 3D rendering and CAD software. At Jared’s locations with The Foundry, guests can work side-by-side with a jewelry designer to design an item.

The team at The10 Jewelry has built a reputation for excellence when it comes to crafting custom engraved rings for men. The company’s vast selection of materials, designs and engraving options make it the best choice for anyone seeking a personalized accessory.

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