Carp Fishing Holidays – The Way to Select The Right Carp Fishing Place

Choosing the right carp fishing place is the key to getting the most out of your time on the water. Every lake is different, but it’s important to select a venue that will suit your style of fishing and the types of baits and rigs you like to use.

The first step in selecting a good spot is to find out the local regulations and what’s allowed in the water. Once you know, then you’ll be able to target specific areas and increase your chances of catching carp.


The right carp fishing place will be one that you can fish comfortably with tackle and methods that you are familiar with. If you are used to fishing at close range then turning up to a venue where you have to fish at 120 yards is not going to be the best choice.

Regardless of your preferred carp fishing methods, you should always try to locate spotted areas where you believe the fish are feeding. Ideally, these will be areas with sand, gravel, clay or mud bottom that are largely unaffected by boat traffic.

Once you have located an area where the fish are feeding, cast your line and start chumming the water if legal by local regulations. This is a tried and tested method that is sure to entice carp into the strike zone. A handful of sweet corn kernels or bread rolled into balls that will sink works well, but a variety of bait can be used.

Water Conditions

There are many factors to consider when choosing The Right Carp Fishing Place, but one of the most important is the water conditions. If you can find a venue that’s dry, cool and comfortable you’ll have a much better chance of catching lots of fish, even in winter!

For this reason, you should always look for a gentle breeze, as it often brings with it more oxygen in the water and will disturb the bottom slightly, making it easier for the carp to feed. Southern or southwestern winds are generally best.

Similarly, heavy rain or drizzling rain is not a good time to fish either as it’s likely to make you very wet and uncomfortable, as well as leaving the water more dirty.

Likewise, colder weather and snowfall can be frustrating for carp anglers. But again, if you’re lucky enough to catch a few during such periods, it can be extremely rewarding! Night fishing is another consideration, so you should keep your eyes open for signs of movement during the dark hours.


The way to select The Right Carp Fishing Place is to make sure the venue offers everything you need for a day on the water. A landing net is a must, but if you’re staying for a longer session or overnight, some kind of shelter will be helpful – a bivvy is ideal as it can be zipped up to keep out the elements.

Some venues have toilets on site, while others offer a cafe and tackle shop, so you can stock up on all your essentials before heading out. Some also have adapted swims, so if you’re disabled or suffering from poor vision you can still enjoy the sport.

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, Sandhurst is an idyllic fishing destination, with exclusive lake bookings available on three stunning lakes which hold carp to 30lb. Stay in one of the beautiful two-bedroomed lodges, and get ready for a carp fishing holiday you won’t forget!


Carp fishing holidays are popular amongst anglers who enjoy the challenge of catching these large freshwater fish. The Champagne-Ardenne and Vitry-le-Francois regions in particular are very popular with those looking to target this species on a holiday.

Choosing the right carp fishing place is important for those who want to target this sport. Often you will need to do some research to decide on a venue that offers the best chance of success.

Some lakes will have more carp than others, and if you have an idea of which areas are likely to produce good catches it can help you decide on which venues to visit. It can also be useful to know when the carp are most active in a certain area, and which direction they typically feed.

Another great thing to keep an eye out for in a lake is any snags that offer protection to carp, such as overhanging trees or man-made structures. These are a fantastic way to find these fish as they will often hide from the elements in these places, and once hooked will usually head straight to their safe sanctuary.

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