Which Parts Are Replaced During a Service?

In order to have a vehicle that works long-term, it’s important that it gets regular service. There are many different types of car services available, and some offer more than others and are in a different league, but most people aim to have the standard full service around once a year to ensure that everything is working properly.

Those that aren’t mechanically inclined may not know exactly what the mechanic will replace during a service, and it is important information to have when you need to front the bill.

The Air Filter

The air filter is a vital component of any car, and is used to provide fresh oxygen to the engine that is combined with fuel to create combustion, and to remove any foreign bodies from entering the engine.

But over time, these foreign bodies start to lower the efficiency of the engine, and with less air going through to the engine, the higher the chance it will start changing the air-to-fuel combination in the combustion chamber.

Air filters are replaced during every kind of service, and often the mechanic will give you the older filter as proof that it was removed and replaced.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are used to create the spark that ignites the fuel mixture in the engine.

They wear out over time, which can cause the car to have difficulty starting, and are usually the first thing a mechanic will replace.

Brake Fluid

Brakes are powered by a hydraulic system of cylinders and pipes and are filled with brake fluid. The brake fluid is what’s used by the system to apply pressure to the brake pads as the car slowly down. But over time sediment can get into the system and cause it to lose efficiency, so most mechanics will bleed the system and replace it with fresh fluid.


Internal combustion engines generate a lot of heat, but there is a limit to the amount that they can take before it starts to suffer from physical damage. Most engine temperatures are regulated by a cutting edge system that makes use of either water or coolant to ensure the engine is running at optimum temperatures.

Without this coolant, the engine will quickly start to overheat, and with enough heat, the engine can seize. Coolant is most commonly fed directly into the radiator, and many modern cars use a water and coolant combination rather than just straight water that most older cars make use of.

Cabin Filter

Likethe air filter, except the cabin filter filters out all foreign bodies in the air that is directed to the passengers of the vehicle.

And like the air filter, it becomes clogged over time – and needs to be replaced when the air in the car starts to smell stale.

Engine Filter and Oil 

The engine needs oil to run, and that oil needs a filter of its own to make sure no contaminants get into the oil supply and cause build-up in the engine.

The oil filter is often changed, and the mechanic will bleed and replace all the oil in the system.

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