Is Trading Really Easy When You Sign up with Global CTB?

If you are thinking about trading, I am sure your first concern is to pick the right company that provides you with reliable trading services. I have been in your shoes and there is no doubt that picking your first trading platform is nothing less than a challenge. However, I think I have a trading services provider that I think can satisfy most of your trading needs. I am talking about Global CTB. The last thing you want as a new trader is things getting complicated for you. With Global CTB, I think trading will be a breeze. Here is why.

Pick an Account with Ease

Picking your first trading account should not be a challenge. However, it can become one when you have to pick something you are not comfortable with. The biggest issue that most traders have when they sign up with a trading account is the amount they have to deposit. I can tell you that you will love the fact that there are six different accounts for you to choose from. You can pick the one with the most luxurious features or the one that requires the least amount of money. If you go with the bronze account, you only have to deposit 500 EUR in your account.

Deposits Made Easier than Ever

So, trading is all about investing your money in financial markets and selling and purchasing certain assets. Can you really do that if you don’t have any money? Of course, you have to open a trading account and fund this account with some money to trade in the first place. That’s where things can be difficult with other companies. They tell you ten different fees and services charges so you get overwhelmed and finally decide to quit trading. On the other hand, with Global CTB, you can deposit through wire transfer or your credit card. You will not have to pay any fees on your deposits.

Great Customer Support

Nothing is really as fun and easy as they make it sound when they don’t have the right customer support. If you don’t have people on the other side ready to help you with your trading issues, account related problems, etc. you can’t really feel at ease with a broker. I am sure you will love the fact that Global CTB has multiple phone numbers on the website that you can contact. Furthermore, you can get in touch with the company through email or live chat. The live chat feature is the fastest and right on the website for you to use.

Final Thoughts

Now, you tell me what’s difficult about trading when you sign up with Global CTB? I don’t think any other broker in the world has simplified CFD trading as much as this company has. You get a professional trading platform, an easy way to sign up, and an account that you can afford with convenience. The only thing between you and your trading career now is your decision to trade.

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