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My mother, my grandmothers and even great-grandparents all enjoyed their favorite fried foods as much or maybe even more than I do now. The unwritten rules of cooking for every home chef are: Don’t cut the food into pieces that won’t lay flat, don’t use scalding hot oil and don’t leave it in the frying pan for too long. These unwritten rules might be easier said than done, but they are easy to follow when you have a good resource like Great Recipes for Your Next Meal that will help you get started. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run out of something I needed only to Google it or go to the library to find it later. Sometimes it’s worth buying the ingredients, and other times you’re just going to save yourself some time and frustration by just making the best fried food that you can.

In this article: Fried Chicken is one of the recipes that will allow you to take your fried food experience to the next level. There are three steps to frying chicken. The first step is searing the chicken in olive oil over a hot skillet or hot grill until it is almost completely cooked, then removing the chicken from the heat. The second step is frying the chicken in a skillet with a little seafood sauce or barbecue sauce for some added flavor. The third and final step is adding the seafood sauce or barbecue sauce to the top of the fried chicken to seal in the flavors and give it a nice crisp outside appearance.

This fried chicken recipe is one of the reasons I make sure to keep a recipe for the week in my kitchen. The spices I use are simple to find and quite affordable, especially when compared to some of the more expensive spices I use in my cooking on a more consistent basis. When I make this recipe for the week, I also have a chicken that has been lightly breaded and sauteed before I add the seafood sauce to it, which makes it an even better combination. The result is a chicken that is moist, sweet and delicious, the perfect way to kick off a new meal for the family. If you have a copy of my cookbook or access to a video of my making these same dishes, you should make this recipe for the week.

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